Poetry in Motion with Gabriela Garcia Medina

International spoken word artist and award-winning poet, Gabriela Garcia Medina helped Rowan University celebrate Women’s History Month! On Monday, March 7, 2011 Medina performed several of her revolutionary spoken word pieces in Prof’s Place of the Chamberlain Student Center from 9 to 11 p.m. This talented woman has traveled all around the world including South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and Switzerland showcasing her poetic talent, and many students were honored to hear her speak.

Sophomore american studies major Kayla Hernandez¬†said, “After hearing Gabriella Medina speak, I feel empowered, and I am happy that I came.”

Another student named Samantha Noguera who is a sophomore psychology major said, “I loved all of her spoken word pieces, they seemed very personal, and she engaged the audience the entire time she was on stage.” Not only did Medina pay homage to all woman, she kicked off Women’s History Month with a night to truly remember.

Flyer By: Al-Qumar Atkins at blogspot

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